about me

Born in Livorno (Tuscany), I took my highschool diploma in the Arts, and then moved to Florence to study graphics and advertising. My passion for communication took me to Milan, where I currently live and work as an art director for fashion and design firms. After 25 years of reviewing other people’s pictures, I decided to start taking photos by and of myself. Through photography I hope both to convey the world I live in, of which I am consciously a prisoner, and to find a way of communicating authentically, which is often difficult because of my strong sense of privacy. The element of water is often present in my shots, whether in the form of rain, tears or humble public swimming pools. Water cleans, soothes and swallows, becoming the only escape. This quote of Micheal Ackerman’s is particularly meaningful for me: “I try to escape the traps of reality all the while preserving a link to the real. Because photos are not inventions but meeting points”.

2014. “Laboratorio residenza di fotografia: la camera oscura”, teacher Mariano Dallago
2015. “Fotografia”, teacher Marco Alfredo Bressan
2016. “Reportage ed editing fotografico”, teacher Sara Munari
2016. “Assignment”, teacher Marco Alfredo Bressan
2013. “La memoria dell’Acqua” (Bologna, Italy)
2013. “Modalità Femminili: ritratti, storie, racconti, fughe in 10 scatti di Anna La Stella e Isabella Sommati” (Milan)
2014. “FestivArt della Follia” (Turin, Italy)
2014. “Donna, acqua, transito, risacca” (Varese, Italy)
2014. “La poetica del corpo, il corpo poetico” (Turin, Italy)
2014. “Espressiooni, del sentire umano” (Milan, Italy)
2015. “Donna, fuoco, focolare, passione” (Varese, Italy)
2015. “SeeMe Exhibitions” – Louvre (Paris, France)
2015. “Paraphoto – Paratissima” (Turin, Italy)
2015. “Portrait Salon 2015” – Embassy Tea Gallery (London, UK – Tokyo, Japan)
2016. “The favorite photograph exibition”, “Valentine exibition” – Lenscratch (USA, online)
2016. “The Blue Hour: a photographic weatherly story by Katia Morichetti & Isabella Sommati” (Milan, Italy)
2016. “Boutographies Festival – Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier” (The Jury’s projection, Montpellier, France)
2016. “3rd Documentary Photography Days in Istanbul” (Istanbul, Turkey)
2016. “Slideluck Dallas” (Dallas, USA)
2016. “A.M.A. Festival: art and music around” (Brescia, Italy)
2016. “Micro Slideluck Graz” (Graz, Austria)
2016. “Indian Photo Festival – Hyderabad” (Hyderabad, India)
2016. “Circuit Off – Rosignano Foto Festival” (Castiglioncello, Italy)
2016. “Slideluck Montevideo” (Montevideo, Uruguay)
2016. “Slideluck del Café” (Manizales, Colombia)
2017. “Love letters exibition” – Lenscratch (USA, online)
2017. “Ghosts in the supermarket” di Katia Morichetti & Isabella Sommati (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy)
2017. “Eyes of the world – Art of the Portrait” – Sixteen Mile Arts (Milton, ON, USA)
2015. The Exposure Award, Portraiture Collection (printed)
2015. F-Stop “Telling Stories” (USA, online)
2015. ArtAbout Magazine (Italy, online)
2016. Urban Eye Magazine (U.K., online)
2016. ArtAbout Magazine (Italy, printed)
2016. Oscura #2 Issue (Italia, printed)
2016. ArtAbout Magazine (Italy, online)
2017. ArtAbout Magazine (Italy, online)
2017. F-Stop “Identity & Community” (USA, online)
2017. #Photography Magazine, n.19 Issue (UK, online)
2017. “Black Sea” self-published book (Italy, printed)
2017. Dodho Magazine :”Black Sea” (online)
2015. 3rd prize – MIFA Photography Contest (Moscow, Russia)
2016. Honorable Mention IPPAWARDS
2016. Honorable Mention MIFA Photography Contest (Moscow, Russia)
2016. 2nd prize – TIFA, Tokyo International Foto Awards (Tokyo, Japan)
2017. Featured as Artist by Slideluck Editorial
2017. Honorable Mention FIIPA – Awards Fiof (Italy)